Our finish work is legendary. From nitro, to poly compounds, to Tru-oil and VOS finishes, we are one of the only full service finish shops left in the U.S. offering hand-applied tints, traditional Crescent Bronze metallics and custom candy colors. We also offer color matching and spot repair. Your imagination is our only constraint! Do you have an idea for inlay to personalize your axe? We offer traditional fret marker upgrades, all the way up to hand inlaid shell, stone and precious metal work of your design. Let us work with you to create a one-of-a-kind reflection of your own!


Fiesta Red Jaguar Mod

Trans Black Ash w/Birdseye Pickguar

Metallic Gold Tele

3 Color Burst w/ Matching Pickguard

Milk White Tele w/ Flamed Maple PG

Avocado Burst w/ Quilted Maple PG

Sonic Blue Jag

Memphis Champagne LP w/ Cream Bind

Memphis Champagne J Bass

Milk White Ash Strat w/ Quilted PG

Milk White T Bass w/Flamed Pickguard

Memphis Metallic Champagne LP Top

Tree Frog Green Tele

Pickled White T Bass w/ Alligator PG

Milk White w/ Flamed Maple Pickguard

Distressed Polka Dot

Satin Parkay Strat

Gold Top w/ Checkerboard Binding

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Photography by Philip Murphy

Milk White w/ Flamed Maple Pickguard